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Task 5

تَرْجِمْ الجُمَلَ الإنْجلِيزِيَّةَ الآتِيَةَ إِلَى العَرَبِيَّة

  1. The house is large.
  2. You are a tall man.
  3. The book is new.
  4. The father wrote a letter to his son.
  5. Muhsin reads his lessons.
  6. The boy went to school.
  7. The Nile is a long river.
  8. The sky is beautiful.
  9. I will watch football match.
  10.  She will help me.
  11.  This is the great mosque of the city.
  12.  This is a new car.
  13.  You are a tall man and I am short.
  14.  After a long time the new teachers arrived.
  15.  I found this book in the Library.
  16.  The examination was very easy.
  17.  That book is very useful. 
  18.  They speak Arabic very well.
  19.  He can drive the car.
  20.  We are going to the playground.
  21.  He likes apples.
  22.  Muhammed is an intelligent boy.
  23.  There are five members in my house.
  24.  The scholar published an article. 
  25.  I studied Arabic language from the university