MA Philosophy


The program MA Philosophy covers all fundamental branches/areas of philosophy such as Western philosophy, Indian philosophy, Traditional logic, Ethics, Symbolic logic, Socio-political philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Analytic Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of religion, Environmental philosophy, Applied ethics, etc. The program is committed to provide the learner a richer and deeper knowledge in traditional branches of theoretical philosophy such as epistemology and metaphysics and that of practical philosophy such as ethics, social and political, environmental philosophy, in addition to logic and history of philosophy. Along with this, the program gives an afresh orientation to the nuanced fields and themes in applied ethics, continental philosophy and philosophy of science. The diverse set of courses offered in the programme will help the learner earn a strong philosophical, critical and open outlook in the life. After the completion of the programme the learner will be well equipped to give theoretical insights into the social, cultural, moral and political issues in the day-to-day life. The programme is structured in four semesters spreading over two years. The learner is obliged to complete all the required courses for a total 72 credits. They can also earn 8 credits on successful completion of two courses under the Cross Border Disciplines in addition to the approved course for the admitted Programme. Upon completion of the programme, the learner will study 12 Discipline Core (DC) courses, 3 Discipline Specific Elective courses (DE), 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AE) which are titled as Discipline Specific (DS) and University Core (UC), 2 Skill Enhancement Compulsory Courses (SC) and a Dissertation/Project Work (DP). The learners can study two courses from any two disciplines as Cross Border Discipline Courses (CB), if they desire so, in addition to the lawful and required credits.