MA Hindi Language and Literature


The proposed programme, Master of Arts in Hindi Language and Literature is duly approved by the competent academic bodies of the university. The choice based credit system deployed in the delivery of the programmes ensures the relevance of the pedagogy with the practices across the country. The programme is organized on semester basis and the programme has 4 semesters spread over 2 years and the learners need to complete all the required courses for a total of 72 credits. However the learner can earn an additional 8 credits on successful completion of 2 courses under the Cross Border Discipline over and above the approved course for the admitted Programme. The learner has to complete 12 Discipline Core (DC) courses over four semesters within two years of study. In addition the learner will complete three Discipline Specific Elective (DE) courses and two Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AC) which are Discipline Specific (DS) and Institution Specific (IS). In addition to this, there are two courses for Skill Enhancement Compulsory Courses (SE)/Internship(IN) and one course of Dissertation/Project (DP). The learners are allowed to pursue two courses of study in any two disciplines as Cross Border Discipline Courses (CB), if they desire so, in addition to the lawful and required creditors.