Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)


The BBA programme provides a conceptual understanding of various functional areas of business and allowing the learner to analyse and find out the causes of various issues and challenges that have an implication on the different activities of the organization. The programme will help learners improve their capacity to design plans and strategies for the effective operation of any business organisations. The programme will also inculcate the ability to analyse and interpret the information in order to take appropriate decisions. It empowers learners to conceptualise a complex issue into a coherent written statement and oral presentation. The learners will be able to create and manage new businesses, new ventures, and high-growth potential entities. They will learn how to function effectively as a leader and member of a diverse team and in multidisciplinary settings. The programme will indoctrinate the values and ethical practices which in turn contribute to better corporate governance as well as sustainable development among learners by elucidating the impact of business decisions and actions in the societal and environmental contexts.