MA English Language & Literature


The MA English programme proposed here has been approved by the statutory bodies of the University. Further, the University will revise the curriculum and syllabi of its MA English programme once every three years to ensure that the content is updated to reflect current academic knowledge and practice, and also to ensure that the University provide the best learning experiences possible for students. The student has to complete 12 Discipline Core (DC) courses over four semesters within two years of study. In addition, the student will complete three Discipline Specific Elective (DE) courses and two Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AE) which are Discipline Specific (DS) and Institution Specific (IS). In addition, two courses are there for Skill Enhancement Compulsory Courses (SE)/Internship(IN) and a course of Dissertation/Project Work(DP). The students are allowed to pursue two courses of study in any two disciplines as Cross Border Discipline Courses (CB), if they desire so, in addition to the lawful and required credits.